Creating a json array with array values

I have different arrays that i want to store in a json array so i can post. i’ve used a for each activity and assigned the value to the json array but on the second iteration of the for each loop it overwrites the first iteration. i would like for the second iteration to be store under as shown in the img. any advice, videos or help is wanted. many thanks

array values

intended output

output i’m currently getting

workflow i am using

Hi @duaine.b ,

Could you let us know if the input is going to be Array of Strings only ? Is there a Possibility that this could be changed to a Datatable. There is also an uncertainty of the Document URL value, as it is only one value.

Although we could visualise that it is a One-To-One match we would need to perform with the different arrays. But still a confirmation on the uncertainty such as Document URL having one value and if there are any other such values in the same manner, then we need to understand what should be done for such kind of scenarios.

Could you let us know more about how you receive the Input in that format ? Could it be possible to change it to a Datatable or a more structured approach where the values are related ?

@supermanPunch how would i go about turning the arrays into a data table, with the document URL i can change that to multiple values