How to convert Datatable to Json Array then add it on a JSON String

I would like to ask a question if it is possible to add a json array inside a json string.
This is my target json format

  "Name": "String",
  "Age "String",
  "Date": "9/2/2021",
  "DataArray": [
      "Account Number": "ABC123",
      "Amount": 100,
      "Product Code": "A1",
        "Account Number": "GHC843",
      "Amount": 250,
      "Product Code": "B3",

I have an excel file with single values and multi-value(table) inside. The DataArray details are the ones whose inside the table, and the rows of it varies from file to file.
I managed to convert the Single-value ones(Name, age, date) to a JSON String, as well as the multi-value but is not an array.
Is it possible to replicate

I can also merge two datatables(Single and Multi-valued) but I need to make the multi-value as a Json Array.

May we ask yout to share the excel with us.Thanks

entries.xlsx (8.9 KB)
It looks ugly but that’s how it is formatted in the main excel(can’t upload due to security reasons) but every entry file is formatted like that.