Create Word Documents with excel row of data

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I have created the workflow based on excel file and pasted the values from excel to word document based on position.
I have an requirement to create multiple files with excel row of data and saving the files with file name dynamically. (23.6 KB)
Appreciate your help.
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Do you want to read one by one row from Excel file and create word document and pass those values to it right ?

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Your implementation looks good, you need to uncomment the copy file activity to create a copy of your master template document.

Then you have to make sure that you are using correct extension, as of now you are using .doc, I think that should be changed to .docx.

And in the word application scope you have to use the same file which you have created/copied from the master template.

Shown the changes in the below image, please refer and let us know if you are facing any issues further on this.



Exactly @lakshman,that what i am looking for and i want to save the word documents with file name mentioned in excel file as below:

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Hi @sarathi125,

This perfectly working,can we do this validation without opening the worddocs which means i should not see the word docs while the workflow is working.
This is because may be other word documents will be open while running the workflow.


With the current Word Application Scope Activity there is no way to disable opening the word application. But before starting with this process you can close/kill existing word doc application instances. So in that case your new word doc alone will be opened and modified.

For each document update you need to close the word doc and kill the word doc process.

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Thank you so much for your inputs @sarathi125

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