Datatable to HTML



This activity converts DataTable to Html helpful in sending tables in Email Body. You can use if you want.



DatatableToHTML.Activities.1.3.0.nupkg (8.9 KB)

Updated Version - Only DataTable is a mandatory field, rest are optional/default


DatatableToHTML.Activities.2.1.0.nupkg (14.5 KB)

How to write excel data in outlook mail?
How to write tabulated data from email body to csv file?

Thanks. I might store this incase I decide to use it in the future.

Are you going to add other properties like Fonts and Border styles?


Thanks, this is great and works well in my testing. In order to get UiPath to recognize it and install in studio though I had to change the package ID to include the word “Activities” using NuGet Package Explorer.

I’d also be interested in the addition of other properties like @ClaytonM mentioned!


Incorrect activity naming convention, will fix it.I guess I can add those properties.




There’s a checkbox in package manager: “filter activities”.


Hey @ClaytonM

in font what properties u r targetting like - font color,font size and so so? Will explain? :slight_smile:
same like in border style -like dotted, solid…?

Here i have just quickly added Header font color and Body font color properties and table border will be by default collapse for now :slight_smile:

if will get more inputs can add when will get next free hours :slight_smile:

you can check the updated package here - DataTableToHtmlTableStringActivities.1.0.6.nupkg (5.2 KB)





hi @aksh1yadav @vvaidya

i installed but activity is not reflected. will you please help me.




I was thinking pretty much all the options that one would use when creating a table.
Also, many of these would make sense to use a dropdown option if possible instead of typing it in where you need to know what to type in.

Font-family or face, like “Calibri”, “Arial”, or etc (who uses Times New Roman? lol)

Font-style or weight, like “Bold”, “Italic”, or “Bold-Italic” => for header and body

Font-size, like in pixels => for header and body

Font-align, like “Left”, “Center”, or “Right” => for header and body

Border-style, like “dotted”, “dashed”, “solid”, “double”, “groove”, “ridge”, “inset”, “outset”, “none”, “hidden” (taken from CSS borders) => for header and body => with 1 to 4 values to specify style for left, right, top, bottom border, like “solid double dotted none” … or something similar and user-friendly

Border-width, like “thin”, “medium”, “thick”, or by using an integer in pixels ( 5px )


Anyway, those were my thoughts.



Got sometime to work on it. Try the new version updated above, will try to simplify a bit.


I’m guessing you manually copy + pasted the .nupkg into your Activities folder. You need to instead remove it from that folder and move instead to the local packages folder, generally found at C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages

Then in Studio, navigate to manage packages --> available --> local. You should be able to install it from there.


Hi vvaidya - is there any way to get this to insert multiple tables into the same email?

EDIT: whoops, I thought this was directly inserting into an email, sorry. Didn’t realize the output was an HTML string.


awesome job, keep it going!
thank you!

If you can try to implement the suggestions of @ClaytonM , if not, you’re the MAN anyway :slight_smile:



I think this is one exceptional idea + implementation.

Goes for the other activities you have on

Really great, awesome job.


@fmsimoes @cornel Thanks Guys.Appreciate it.


Hi Team,

Thanks for the package.I have installed the package and its working fine from studio,but when I am publishing it to orchestrator and running it from there its not working

Error :-Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:DataTableToHtmlTable;assembly=DataTableToHtmlTable}DataTableToHtmlTable’."


I also want to use this. I will also store this on my computer for using it later. From outlook support, I read that we can use this table in the studio also.


hi every one,
how can i apply a color to particular cell in html table when sending an email.