Create separate excel/sheets after filtering the data in datatable

I have a situation where there are three columns with different and repeated number of invoices.
I have to segregate each and every different invoices in separate excel.ex: three invoices vendor numbers
column1 column2 column3
1234 5678 8976
6765 1234 5678
0987 8976 9876
5678 6765 1234
excel-1: 1234 details only:
column1 column2 column3
and here all the other details in columns should be available except other invoices number
I am attaching a sample excel for your reference and in the excel sheet1 is the actual data and from sheet2tosheet9 is the out that I want.The excel data is dynamic and values are not same as shown in excel.
newtable_outputrequired.xlsx (18.4 KB)