Create separate excel/sheets based on supplier

I have a situation where there are three columns with different and repeated number of invoices.
I have to segregate each and every different invoices in separate excel.ex: three invoices vendor numbers
column1 column2 column3
1234 5678 8976
6765 1234 5678
0987 8976 9876
5678 6765 1234
excel-1: 1234 details only:
column1 column2 column3
and here all the other details in columns should be available except other invoices number
I am attaching a sample excel for your reference and in the excel sheet1 is the actual data and from sheet2tosheet9 is the out that I want.The excel data is dynamic and values are not same as shown in excel.
newtable_outputrequired.xlsx (18.4 KB)

Duplicate Of:

we can collect the unique numbers by

Assign Activity:
LHS: arrInvNo | String() - String Array
(From d in dtDataVar.AsEnumerable
From n in {“Supplier 1”,“Supplier 2”,“Supplier 1”}.Select(Function (x) d(x).toString.Trim)
Select v=n).Distinct().toArray

In a next step you can iterate over arrInvNo with a for each - typeargument: String

  • filter for the value within all three cols (Or conjuction)
  • write out filter result to excel

The filtering / Spliting we can also do with LINQ when it is prefered

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your quick reply.
Can you please provide the code using LINQ for filter the values and write to excel