Create pivot table by choosing rows and columns

Hi Team,

How to create pivot table in excel by choosing rows and column.
Please help me with the solution.

Riya S


Use Create Pivot Table activity.

Hi @lakshman ,
But with the help of this activity we can’t choose rows and column name.

Hello @Riya_Sharma

You can do that do that using the modern Create Pivot table activity.
Please watch the below video.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Modern activities is not installed in my UiPath.
Is there any other way to create a pivot table by choosing rows and column.

Riya S

@Riya_Sharma you can enable the modern acitivyt from the filter panel. Or you can convert your current project to a modern desigh

Got to project settings and enable modern design.

Else go to filter panel and select modern activities.

when set to classic design you also can use modern activities when adpting the activity filter:

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,
Unable to find this option under activities.
Can you guide me is there any other way to find it?

Riya S

maybe it is shown under another name. Just show us what filter options are offered

Hi @Riya_Sharma

Right click on the project and go to settings. Then enable use modern design.
Then you will able to see the modern acitvities.

I have only these options in my UiPath

Could it be the case that you are using an older UiPath Studio Version (20.X) and/or that an older Excel Package is referenced?

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

There is no option to enable the modern design in my UiPath.

Riya S

@Riya_Sharma it would be better if you can share the screenshot and whats the studio version ?

@Riya_Sharma , Can you send us the sample excel file and sample pivot table how it looks?