Create form activity : Drop Down Duplicates


I have a Form which contains a Drop-down list, and I am passing the data to it through the FormFieldsCollection parameter. However, the array I pass to it always seems to duplicate, making the list twice as long as it should be.

This problem was covered here, but that solution seems to be for a previous version of the activity, as I don’t have the option for custom values.

Anyone know how to prevent this?


Solved! Found the answer (and a lot of other helpful stuff) here - Forms activities: pass option values - #6 by joseph.yoon

Hopefully will be of help to someone else!


hello , i tried to many times to solve duplicate problem but i can’t find the Data source type Field
any help please .

Where you able to find the Data Source Field? I am trying to pass the list variable for drop down. I am unable to get the drop down to populate.

what is your problem ?

Thanks this link has solved an issue that i was just about to post about

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