Create folder if it does not exist in sharepoint using Ms 365 scope

Hi team ,

Please help me in creating a folder if it does exist in sharepoint using Ms 365 scope.
Here I am using - “find files and folders” as below -

then I am using create folder to create folder in “output” of find files and folders as below

but it is giving error -

How do I pass the item ID here -


Can you please help here

Find Files and Folders gives you an array of items. Create Folder takes just one folder. The error message is pretty clear. You’re giving it an array of DriveItem when it needs just a single DriveItem.

Hey yes , can you help me how to give a single drive item here?

Well which one from the array do you want, and why are you trying to create a folder that already exists? Doesn’t it being in the array mean it already exists?

Anyway, you reference an array by providing a number after it

output(0) will give you the first item in the array, output(1) will give you the second, etc.

please follow these steps.
use loop over “output”
then check by row values that folder exist or not.
if not then create and give “row”

Note: your row will get each index of output.