Create file "Excel file" was corrupt

hello team,
when i using create file activity file is created successfully but when i open the file show below

please give me solution

I too had this issue… Instead of create file , you can use Excel scope…

after creating the file when i use excel application scope to read the file then got the error
file has corrupted and use by another process like this

Use read range excel activity…

Hi @zaid.ahmad

You could get some idea

Hiii @sumitha_karthik @sangeethaneelavannan1
Actually i am using build data table and perform the add data row after that i have use the write range activity in for loop but when i got the exception then i was start again row index 0 so i have create the file and this file path given in write range and before write range i have read that file for row count like this str_row = dt.rows.count
and then range panel use it “A”+(str_row+1).tostring

but got that error