Create excel file if they don't exist

Hi, I have a doubt about how i can create an excel file but using a condition about the current month:
first i need to read the hole folder, to know which files i already have, next once i read them if the excel file (August, current month)exists, just read it and write some info into it, but if the excel file (August,current month) doesn’t existe create it(with certain columns), this workflow would be executed daily, so for example tomorrow starts september, so the excel file must be created on the month the workflow is runing. i’m new on this hope i can get some help


If you want to check if a file exists you can use the command:


Also, if you run the modern Excel Package, it already have an option to create the file if it dosen’t exists

On the Use Excel File you can also set a template that the activity will use to copy if creating a new file

You don’t need to check manually if it exists. The Excel activities have settings to do it for you if the file doesn’t exist.


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Thanks, helped a lot

Thanks, i’m still new and don’t really know all about it

You should do the free online training on the UiPath web site. It covers these kind of things and gives a good foundation of knowledge to start with.

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I’ll take your word for it and do it, i really really appreciate it, thanks

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