Create directory not stable


I am currently working on a process, where I in the beginning have to check if a folder already exists. If not, then it should be created.
Sometimes it works as intended and sometimes it does not.

In this picture you can see how the process is set up:
Create Directory

We (My team and I) use this principle in a lot of processes and it is just now, that it is not working as intended. I am currently the only one using the 2019.10.3 version of UiPath - maybe that is part of the issue.

For testing, I have made changes as seen below:
Create Directory Test
Where I changed it to a loop:
(1) Does the path exist?
If no:

  • Create directory
  • Increment counter
  • Write line where the directory was intended to be and the counter
  • Delay for 5 seconds
  • Go back to (1)

This has run over night for a total of 11066 iterations and 15:24:17 and still no sign of the directory.

My computer is connected to the network. Earlier in the process it reads a couple of Excel-files, located on the network drive.

I am working on a Studio 2019.10.3 Enterprise License, connected to Orchestrator.

Is it a network drive/shared drive where you are creating the directory or in the local machine where you are running the process?

you dont really need to check if it exists… you use like this:
It will create if not there without error if it already there…

It is a network drive, but it before this part of the process, it reads a couple of Excel-files also located on that network drive and I can also access it manually without any problems at all. Therefore I do not suspect it to be a connectivity issue.