Create data table and assign values from list

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I am seeking some advice on how to implement the following.

I have a list of variables with several variables in it e.g. {A, B, C, D}

Each variable has a corresponding value with Double datatype.

I wish to build a datatable and add those variables with their values.


The expected outcome would be:


Hi @calvin.tan ,

Can you pls confirm is the data stored in any document or pdf , pls attach the input


You have to iterate on list and use Add Data row activiy for each item in the list.

Provide input as Array Row to the Add Data Row activity.

E.x. ArrayRow = {“0001”, item.ToString, Corresponding_variable_Value}

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Hey @calvin.tan ,
Can you please share how your input is stored in the list.Is it all the 3 columns are stored in list or any one .Please let us know so that we can provide a better solution without assuming.


The list contains a collection of variables and the value is assigned to each variable.


list = {A, B, C, D)
A = 0.1234
B = 0.2345
C = 0.3456
D = 0.4567

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List (42.7 KB)

Hope this will help

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