Add list of values into the column

I have a list of strings and I need to store the each value of the string into the data table in column manner.
first column 1st row-1
first column 2nd row-2
first column 3rd row-3
first column 4th row-4

Hi @agathiyanv

Try this approach


ListOfValuesToDT.xaml (6.6 KB)

how can we add if we have 5 columns.
and I have a new list generated for every iteration.
Ist iteration list - column1
last iteration list -last column


Please elaborate with sample input and output

I have a data table which consist of five columns .
From the xml parsing I generated a list as an output of every iteration which consist of column values.
Now I need to add the list of values into the data table.
1st iteration output List is First column values
2nd iteration output list is Second column values

Note: The list contains empty spaces also.


Did you try converting the xml to data table.

Refer this post

I will try this approach

@kumar.varun2 Is that adding list to column is difficult?


Can you share the sample xml file.

I just solved the issue with the help of the page you referred

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