Create bucket with customize name (Busketname with curren day date) possible?

Hii , I’m New to UiPath Studio, use UiPath community edition 2023.4.0.
We Want to create S3 Bucket . And Bucket name should be customized Means Bucket Name with the current day date .
e.g. Bucket Name:-empdata29-04-2023,
is this possible?
If Possible Then please help me to create a Bucket.


Please use this activity

Bucket Name field - "EmpData" + Now.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy")

Hope this helps


Thank you for the replay .
I want the bucket name with date and current time ,it can possible?


If you need time also then in name field pass thsi

Bucket Name field - "EmpData" + Now.ToString("ddMMyyyyhhmmss")


thank you so much .
issue resolved

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