Uploading the file to AWS s3 bucket

Hello community!

In this automation process i have build a bot that will go to a website which is provided by user there it will download yesterday’s zip file and the file is like this 03092023.zip…Like this the file have naming…It will download and then it will upload that file to AWS s3 bucket…And in aws there is Month wise folder name like August 2023,September 2023 like this if there is no folder available then bot will create a folder in aws s3 and then it will upload the file in month folder
example-03092023 will be uploaded in september folder like this and this all step is completed by me…

Problem where iam stucked is let say today is 1st september and bot will download 31082023.zip from the website…so in my case bot is uploading that data in september folder it should upload that file in august folder…what logic can i build for this month end?


Please store the value in assign

And use if condition and passed this assign variable
and in then part add the steps for uploading

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