Create a new directory monthly

Hi everyone, is it possible to allow the system to create a new directory every month?

We need to program bot to create a folder.

  • Use Path exist activity, with path as “D:\uipath” + Now.tostring(“MMMM”)
  • If not exist, use create folder activity with path “D:\uipath” + Now.tostring(“MMMM”)

Thanks for the fast response, managed to did that! Appreciate your help.

However, another question I have is regarding the automaton of creating this folder using this software monthly. Is this possible using while loop or for each function? Thanks for the help.

Congrats. :slightly_smiling_face: You can just use the same bot and schedule it from Orchestrator for the first day of each month. If you create a software for this, it should be keep running through out the months. So best way is you can schedule the bot from Orchestrator.

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Hi, sorry to trouble you again. How can i configure the resource path in “HTTP Request” activity to save a pdf file from website into the directory created based on the date? Thanks.