Create a excel with header every first day of the month

Hi i like to create a excel with a header every month of the first day how can i do it!


Hope the following helps you.


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Hi @CoolRobot

Could you please let us know how many headers you need in excel and how it should be.


14 headers


Hi again @CoolRobot

Please find the below screen shots for your reference. Try and let me know whether it meet’s your expectation.

Total workflow:

Assign Values:

Generate DataTale property panel:

You have to publish this package to orchestrator and trigger this package on first date of
every month.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

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hey thanks but what about say Month and week that a formula for it
Month = text(C,“MMM”) C mean this column downward C1,c2c3 etc
Week = =WEEKNUM(C,2) C mean this column downward

I am not cleared on the above one @CoolRobot

Inside the Month and Week column, you need month name and week number by validating column ‘Date’.

For Example: if date is 16/04/2021, then the Month should be April and week should be 3.

Correct me if I am wrong.


yes correct

Okay @CoolRobot

How you will get the date values. So that we can design the flow. Thanks.