Country for amazon voucher


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@akhi_s27 @florent_salendres

an voucher can be used only on
an amazon.[country] voucher can be used only on amazon.[country]

so, please let @Mina_Deckard know if you have a preferred country for the voucher.


Representing India :india: :sunglasses:



Germany from my side.



Representing India :india: as well


Hey Mina

I am from Republic of India(INDIA).
So for me will be applicable site to use voucher

and for your info Following users and their country
@aksh1yadav - INDIA :india:
@vvaidya - United States :us:
@andrzej.kniola - Poland :poland:
@richarddenton - United Kingdom :uk:
@acaciomelo - Brazil :brazil:
@ddpadil - INDIA :india:
@beesheep - Guatemala :guatemala:
@Masire - France :fr:
@akhi_s27- INDIA :india:
@Florent_Salendres- Germany :de:

if wrong then please confirm :slight_smile: and correct :stuck_out_tongue:



@andrzej.kniola Small warning that when you look for you are redirected to

That’s the reason i picked Germany, up to you :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of com actually, as I already have an account and they ship worldwide. I’ll need to lookup if it changed though… Either way thanks for the thought :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thanks Aksh :slight_smile: