Count rows on studiox

How can I count data table rows on studioX?

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It would be great if you could provide more details about your scenario, but here are some options:

  1. Use Excel to operate on your tabular data, with the Count() function in this case
  2. Use the AdvancedEditor option, if your scenario is more advanced, and access members programmatically:
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Hi @jhj3627

The .net method for retrieving the number of rows in a datatable is


You can use a message box activity or writeline activity to see the value.

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Hi guys.
Thank you for your posts. It’s so usable.
But I wanted writing the datatable on project notebook and get the number of rows.
Because it’s more difficult to write datatable on excel after parameterizing than directly write datatable on excel. (I’m using extracting table data)

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