Count Rows in Excel Mistakenly Including Blanks


I am trying to count the number of rows in excel so I can determine where I need to paste my new data. When looking at the file, I can see that there are 723 rows. However, when I count the rows (which I have used in previous workflows without issue) it is counting 1M rows.

This is a confidential workbook, so I cannot share it for your review. The sheet does have pivot tables on it, and I am not sure if that would be impacting it. I tried looping through the rows to see if they have a value in them, but it is still trying to go through the million rows and taking significantly longer than it should.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this and how to resolve it?



maybe nort all requirements are catched. In the case that an excel is already prefilled with date we can use append range to add the new data:

with read range with an empty range the filled data block is read. In your case it looks like the readin is forced to the entire column (A:A). So thats why so many empty rows are readin. But we can avoid with techniques mentioned above.

In case of we do have manually correct we do readin the data with a read range and check for the last filled row for a particular column, a column set or all columns.

Hope this helps for the beginning. feel free to to share mored details on your case with us

Hello @jdahlinger

Run your process with same way the way have shown in screenshot but do minor change, just remove the range from read range activity and keep it blank.

I hope this will help.

Thanks & Regards,
Urvesh Mistry

Thank you for the information! I forgot about the Append Range activity. I did run into a little bit of an issue with that option, as some of my sheets have a pivot table that go to farther down row than the last one that has data. I may just read the whole thing and merge the two data tables together then write the range. Thanks!

Fantastic! I can’t believe it was that simple of a change. Thank you so much.

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