How to get total number of filled rows in excel?



I want to get the largest row number t which some value is entered.


Read the excel data into datatable variable by “Read Range activity”, then “dtTableVariable.Rows.Count” will give you the total number of rows in an datatable.


Here we have to enter the range right. Then how will we know till where the value is contained and fix the range?


Range is not mandatory , remove the range then entire excel sheet data can be read into data table. Include the range if you need to copy only a portion of data from the sheet.


Thanks. This worked.


Have any idea on how to read hidden row values from Excel using “Read Range”. Since I can create datatable with only un-hidden rows from excel, so when I try to update the particular cell, the cell value in excel is not equals to the value of datatable.



Check this feed


You can use a counter in a while/do while loop which will iterate through the specified range in excel. Use an if activity and the condition datatable.item(counter).Tostring.equals("") . Do all of this inside the excel application scope.


i wanna get the row count with empty values also.If i use this code “dtTableVariable.Rows.Count” i am getting only row count only with values.Help me out of this