Count # of row in Excel under the condition of Today

Hi all,

I want to count the number of rows that have been log today, and using this number in Email body to send a summarized email.

I tried to use Use *Read Range *then Filter Data Table , but no idea how to set the filter criteria as “today”. So I just wanna know how many logs of intraday.

So filter the column D by applying the rule of Today and count the number of rows.

Can anyone knows how to do it or is there any other way to achieve the goal?


You can use the Condition in filter as Date column= Date.Now
After getting filtered data use FilterDT.Rows.Count

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Use looping for Path exist
If exist then it will increment and loop back to Path Exist
If not exist then out of loop

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Hi Pratham, I followed your steps but got the rows.count = 0
Can you help me to check.
Data.xlsx (8.9 KB) Filter.xaml (6.2 KB)

or do you have any other suggestions to get the number of “completed job” of Intraday. Because I need to send an email on the day-end to summarized how many email been processed on that day

I will do it tomorrow :+1:

no rush. thank you for your time

Hey Pratham, I have checked again but still got count=0.Could you please give some suggestions?

Hi @mason_wong,

I’ll suggest you to use following linq code in Assign activity.

CountToday = DT.AsEnumerable.Where(function(f) DateTime.ParseExact(f("DatesColumn").toString,"M/dd/yyyy",nothing)=Today).Count

here, CountToday is should be of type Int32 & Don’t forget to mention your column name instead of “DatesColumn”.

After this if you get an error specifying AsEnumerable is not a member of ‘System.Data.Datatable’. Then, you can fix this by adding following Assembly manually in .xaml file.


By manually I meant, save & close the workflow, open .xaml file with notepad and copy paste above Assembly in it, save & close the notepad.

Now open the workflow, error will get fix by then.

Check this if and if needed make changes as per your system date time
Filter.xaml (8.5 KB)
Or else You can try as @samir suggested.

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Thx so much for your solution.

It works/ many thx Pratham

Your Welcome!

Happy Automation!

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