Count filled lines

I need the robot do the reading Excel and print how many lines are filled in the Excel document.

How can I do this?

Use a Read Range activity to read the data, then use DtData.Rows.Count.ToString to get the number of rows as a string, where DtData is the datatable you’ve saved the Excel data in. If your workbook does not have headers, uncheck the Add Headers option in the Read Range activity.


Can you send me a printscreen, please ?

I couldn’t open the file

For some reason, the forums will not allow me to upload anything. Not sure what’s going on with that.

Got it to work that time. (17,9 Ko)

did not work here.
When I added a value on the line it brought the wrong result

There were 5 records in the test workbook if you do not count headers. If you read the data after you’ve made your adjustments, you’ll get the correct count.

You can try to use below package with Get last row activity

Can you share your some sample excel file ?

Thank yooou!!!

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