Could not load type from assembly


any help in below !

VnDirect_login.xaml - Invoke Workflow File: Could not load type ‘RPA002_Bao_Cao_Dong_Tien_v2_0.wfs.Banks.VnDirect.vndirect_login’ from assembly ‘RPA002_Bao_Cao_Dong_Tien_v2.0.wfs.Banks.VnDirect_VnDirect_login, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

Hi @Cuong_Nguyen1

Can you describe the more details about the error.


Hi supriya117,
I opened the folder and renamed that workflow. After that, I debugged, and this error appear


Rename the workflow in UiPath or project folder?
If you rename the workflow in project folder then rename the same workflow in UiPath studio.
Hope it works.