Could not load file or assembly ClosedXML - KB

Could not load file or assembly ClosedXML

Approach 1 

Excel Activities ClosedXML is one of the dependencies required to operate and this issue generally occurs if the ClosedXML package was corrupted/missed.

  • Please navigate to the package managers window (Ctrl + P).
  • Navigate to the All Packages . 
  • Search for excel activities.
  • Check the version of ClosedXML package in dependencies as shown below:

    - Navigate to the location " %Userprofile% /.nuget/packages" 
  • “ClosedXML” folder is present then delete it


    -  Install the ClosedXML package version mentioned in above screenshot from manage packages:


    Approach 2 

    Please follow the below steps & let me know if this helps. 
  • Open %userprofile% in your affected Robot system
  • Navigate to “.nuget” folder.
  • Take a backup of the “packages” folder to a different location.
  • Delete the current folder in .nuget location.

    Reason: This would delete all the packages thus allowing to Robot to download the packages again when a process is executed.
  • Now launch Studio & execute the process. This should complete the auto installation of dependent package 

    Reason: The process will download again with all the required dependencies.

    Preferred approach is 1 as with approach 2, robot has to download all the dependencies for all packages/processes and first execution of almost all processes may take some time.