Could not find the part of the path in coping and getting filepath

Hey all
i am getting an error could not find the part of the path while coping first time and in getfilepath method?
could any one tell me the solution?

kindly check whether there is any misspell of any folder name along the path
thats the reason behind the error
Cheers @deepa.barode

yes, you were right one part was missing. but in getting file path it is working some time but some time not. though the logic is same and value are not given by is manipulating in the workflow.

may i know how it was mentioned in getfiles method
Cheers @deepa.barode

arr_str_GetnuGetfile = Directory.EnumerateFiles(str_CompletePackageFolderPath,"*.nupkg",SearchOption.AllDirectories).ToArray
all in aASSING activity

Kindly check with the value of the variable str_CompletePackageFolderPath
else you are going good
Cheers @deepa.barode

yes i checked it was working before but not now.

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