Could not find Get Attribute

Hi, can I know why my uipath studio didn’t have Get Attribute activity. It only appear this one, as below:


it is the same as the Get Attribute activity functions?


Here, you are using Modern activities. If you don’t want it then disable Modern activities.


you have to drag and drop and open application/browser activity and put the get attiribute activiy inside, or also go to the filter and click in show classic


@ainaasyhda Yes you are right. It is the Get Attribute activity that you are looking for. Since you are modern design this activity doesn’t looks how it is used to be earlier. Ref to the below doc more on classic and modern design

  • To use this activity, it has to be enclosed in Use Application Browser activity

Also, if you don’t want to use Modern design

  • you can follow the steps provided by @lakshman or
  • Right click on your project in the project panel and disable Modern Design