Could not access the "Introduction to Automation" course from Uipath Academy. Please suggest the alternative course in Uipath Academy for the same

When I click Resume Course getting this message. Please help

Hi @RPADemo_Mail ,
You can reload page, or click Next page or close to go to main page select path where you study

When I click Next, it moves to the feedback page. Could not access course content

what is course you study?

you can study the same
have path you need “Introduction to Automation” course from UiPath

“RPA Business Analyst” is the course that Im trying to access.

Even inside “Automation starter” , “Introduction to Automation” is not accessible.

You can click to Start learning now to learn
Or you can learn it in “Automation Stater” course,…
the path “Introduction to Automation” have in a lot of course,
If you finish in once course, it will complete in all course have this path
Or wait page update
@loginerror @loredana_ifrim Are this course updating?

“Introduction to Automation” content is missing when I click “start learning now”

Yes, I see, I think it updating, wait answer of staff, I tagged them