Correct dateformar in Excel


I want the dates in my excel look like dd-MM-yyyy. With the format cells activity it looks correct but when I try to filter the dates it is all messed up. How do I get the correct date-format in Excel?




May I know what is differnet?


You see the dates where the day and month are < 12 under the years (you do not really see them but they are there) and all the other dates are not seen as dates by excel.

Like this:

1 Pass the range
2 Click on the set format

Hi, I have tried that but it does not give me the “dd-MM-yyyy” option. I do it like this but that is also not the solution:


if you want to filter it manually you can change the format of the column and then try
and if trying to compare date in code then first change date from string to datetime and then compare this should help you