Copying data table from pdf to excel

I am trying to copy the table from the pdf to the excel but i am unable to do so.
I have tried data scrapping , screen scrapping, read from pdf and many other things, but i am still not able to copy the data from pdf to excel. i have also tried manually copying the data of the table into the excel but the data is going in one coulmn(coulumn A) instead of going as a table in all the columns.

Kindly help me out. I have attached the sample pdf for the reference.

EFT9522018121817330030_125.pdf (10.4 KB)

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HI @Tanvi_Sharma,
there is no direct way of copying table from PDF to excel, because the data is copied as text and not as a table. one way of doing this is:

read the PDF text into a String
split the string with “newLine” delimiter into string array
loop through the string array and split each line with space delimiter and add the data into datatable
and finally write it to excel.

Hope this help you.

Hi @Tanvi_Sharma,

This might help you-


But when I have 2 columns which are fullName and Address. fullName having example data is Nguyen Van A. column Address is similar to example data with lots of space. How can I split each line with space delimiter???

Hi @Tanvi_Sharma
If you can use string manipulation to get the value that you want in pdf and save it to excel.

Hope this help you !see link for your reference.
Extracting Data From PDF to Excel

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I got whole text in single column …how to split in different columns