Copying data from PowerPoint slides!


I have been trying to copy data (images and text) from one PowerPoint file to another.

(i) Are there any specific methods to do this especially when we need to copy one segment of the data (for e.g. a paragraph or a few bullets) ?

(ii) How to ensure that the texts do not overlap each other when we are writing data into multiple text boxes (where one is placed below the other) ?

(iii) I need to position images of the same coordinates on each of the slides! How can we do this ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have not automated Powerpoint and will likelly not for a while. However, you could try using the Selection Pane (TypeInto “[k(alt)]hslp”) where you can select each item on the slide, then you can copy the text to the clipboard or just copy the item to paste in another slide; you can also use that method to type into a specific text box.

Just a thought I had that may help.


Hey @susbasu

Not sure… but customization will be needed on data and also not tried at my end yet but still you can give it a try.


Thanks Akshay! I have been trying to read the .pptx file by putting the path in the “Read Text File” block and passing a string variable that stores the content. However, I am unable to extract segments of that content from that variable! Any thoughts on this ?

Hi susbas, did you solve this issue? I have the same problem and cannot find solution how to read power point files -(

hi @aksh1yadav

what activities comes under that .nupkg powerpoint package. tell me some activity names.

thank you.


Could you please elaborate that how to do it?
I have same problem as above. I want to copy all data from PPT and write it into the word document. And there are all type of data present in the PPT(for eg. Images, data table). Is it possible to fetch data as is from PPT(for eg. Complete data table).