Copy whole row to another sheet


I have to automate an excel sheet. In the excel there is column and row called “Column1 and Total”. I need to copy the entire Total row to another sheet but the position will changed (In the Total Row) Eg : Today Total row is in (A67), Tomorrow Total row will change to (A68)
Here with attached excel sheet.
Can anyone please advise me how to do this.
Sample.xlsx (8.1 KB)


Use Read Range activity to read the excel sheet and declare a variable for Datatable

Use Filter DataTable as below

This will filter the row with Total

If you want to write to other sheet, then use Append Range activity

Hope this may help you



Thank you so much. It’s worked.
Another thing, I need to that Total row transpose to column. I used Data Transpose activity. But It’s not worked.
Can please advise me to do this.

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