Copy specific column from one excel to another excel last row with specific column

Hi, I need help on Column A,B and D at ‘Example’ sheet

paste those column at last row of Column A,C and E at ‘Destination’ sheet.

Anyway on how to do this? Thanks so much
Example1.xlsx (12.7 KB)


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a read range activity and get the datatable as output named dt1 of first sheet

  2. Then use another read range activity and get the output as dt2

  3. Now use a FOR EACH ROW activity and pass dt1 as input and inside the loop use a add Datarow activity with ArrayRow mentioned as
    {CurrentRow(“Item”).ToString, String.Empty, CurrentRow(“Tax Rate”).ToString, String.Empty, CurrentRow(“Value c”).ToString}

And datatable mentioned as dt2

Instead of string.Empty you can also keep any string value if you want

Cheers @mashy2

hi, in step 2, read range from another sheet ‘Destination’?
Then how i can write range in last row?

Yes that’s right

Add Datarow activity will usually write in the last row of the datatable

Cheers @mashy2

hi, i have tried but somehow it also add original dt2 value, is there anyway to prevent this

You want to overwrite or you want to append at last row in dt2


thanks, i got it already
btw, is there any way without using for each row? cause if got many data, feel kinda slow need to go trough 1 by 1

Hmm I feel it won’t take more than 5-6 seconds
Is it exceeding more that that

Cheers @mashy2

Any further queries on this topic


its okay, tqvm

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