Copy Specific Cell in excel

Hi Everyone,
I have 2 excel file, One excel consists of E-Mail details of the vendor, Another Excel sheet contains payment details of vendor. Now, I have to take the specific e-mail of the vendor & Copy that payment details of vendor from other excel file, The copied details should be added to e-mail & send e-mail …

Example - If vendor is Alroko , then from the other excel sheet. It should Copy the column from A to E & Copied details should send e-mail… E-mail format is also attached for reference

Please, Help me with this by providing a solution… Thanks in advance


You can use html to insert the data that you read from excel in email body

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Thanks @Gresilda_Balla

Can you please suggest how it can be done comparing the 2 excel files and filtering the data based on the vendor using linq query.