Copy selected rows cell to new columns

Hello everyone,

I have a daily download file of excel with just 16 rows. However i need to copy / paste selected rows with values to another column to sum up row level totals to column totals.

To explain:
In my excel i have entities in Col A, Currency in Col B and Daily values in Col C.
I have to copy list of all entities (no duplicates) in a new col E
Copy values from row C2 to C4 to new Col F and
Copy values from row C6 to C9 to new Col G

While the values are copied to new columns, they need to be divided by 1000000

here’s a pic -

Appreciate your kind help please.

Thank you.


Please try Copy paste range activity.

it copies an entire range, including values, formulas, table format, and cell format, and pastes it to a specified sheet.


I did a read range to copy the selected data (Of the column) and output to datatable. Did the same for the other column and output to another datatable.
Then did a vlookup on column and updated the row values for all.
It works.

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