Copy range from excel to clipboard retain format

I can try set to clipboard activity to copy the column values of excel to clipboard and paste in SAP.
what i tried is

  1. Read Excel in Datatable using Read Range. to change variable dataable to string???
  2. Set this value to clipboard and paste it .

i also tried “Copy selected text” but when i paste it miss the format and color

i just want to realize select range of data and ctrl+c in excel then ctrl+v in google spreadsheet

I doubt whether it is possible without opening excel…

Hi @Gunisoo
you can change a dataTable to string using the “output data table” activity.

HI @reda it doesnt work:sob: it doesnt contain the cell color.
i just want select range and ctrl+cand ctrl+v in google spreadsheet.

You can directly use excel shortcuts to copy and paste the content.
Just that you need to use the shortcuts in a way that fits your sheet. I can help with some shortcuts if you need.
Are you trying to copy the entire sheet’s content from excel?

Hi @Gunisoo
Ive looked into the same issue. This is my solution and works:

Create a Macro in Excel:

Sub CopySelection()
End Sub

In Uipath inside an excel scope, add an execute macro with the name: CopySelection
Its now set to your clipboard.

Make sure the Excel Scope have auto save and create new file unchecked.
This also works in the background (invisible)

If you get an error when saving the macro, make sure the Excel file is Macro valid. So .Xlsm extension.

Bumped this post because didn’t find a good solution to this problem.

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Hi @Gunisoo,

You can either use excel shortcuts or it will better to try "Long Path Tool " Software.

@MickeyFireMouse I tried Invoke VBA activity but, unable to get anything into clipboard

Hi, the macro i posted above should be created inside EXCEL. So not as a included code in uipath.

The main problem is copied range scope is untill macro run. Outside the macro clipboard is empty