Copy large number of files/folders from ftp location to local windows folder




I have a requirement where in a customer drops in a large number of files/folders (usually in 100s) to a ftp location. I need to copy these files from ftp server to local windows folder.

I know there are other ways to acheive this but I want to use the robot automation. Can any one point me to how to achieve this ?




Can you please advise what have you tried so far ?

.xaml file or screen shots or something



I was thinking of using WinSCP to log into the server and drag and drop files to the left pane. But, I am not sure if this is efficient. There will be 100s of files and folders in the ftp site every day.




That approach can work, but looks like too much work.
Did you check UiPath.FTP.Activities.Download? Maybe it can help you do it in a simpler way.


Thank you. Let me check this and see.