Copy Images From Image Path And replace It Into Another Folder

Hai Friends I’m having small requirement can anybody plz help me

I want to copy images and replace it into another folder using Image Path…

In text file there is an images path

Example — In Text File I’m having

Imagepath -

Now using that path I want to copy images and replace it into another folder

How to do this process plz help me.

Hi @Ajit_Chowdary
process is to be followed :

  1. Read the text file and store in string variable , let’s say path

  2. now use the assign activity to get the path of all images in that folder


  1. Now use a for each activity, with argument type as string to loop through each item in images_list
    , inside it use Copy file activity, providing the path of source file (ie the item through which we are iterating), and destination file path)

Adding the sample file here
Main.xaml (11.3 KB)

Other way would be use powershell integration to compare the folder contents completely to new folder.

Nived N

Not Working Bro I tried i kept you mail plz once check it

Please always show us what you have tried and what is not working…Without that info how can we assist you…

k this is what I tried

@Ajit_Chowdary - what is your directory.getfiles code?

Have you printed images_list array to see what is coming out? Etc etc …

Directory.getfiles code - Directory.GetFiles(path_file)

What about this ?

no sir how to do that I’m not having idea

@Ajit_Chowdary - in thw write Line activity use the below code…


Not working because of the error…Please debug the error

Show us your content of the text file…

Adding the solution file
Main_3.xaml (11.9 KB)

Nived N

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