Copy HTML to Paste HTML

Trying to copy from the content one html to another html browser page which contains pictures, table, etc. However, when we are pasting in new html browser page it is updating as plain text. How do we maintain the format and paste as is?

Any Workaround for this.

I think you need to provide more details. What are you using to copy this HTML, where are you copying it from, and where are you pasting it to?

I was using Hot Keys to copy and paste. We have received a requirement of copying text and image / picture from one webpage to another due to migration. I wanted to understand if it’s doable. Which activity can be used for this.

I would suggest using something other than hotkeys to copy the text.

I made a quick example where I copy HTML from and save it, it keeps the formatting.
Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

Is this what you mean?