Copy formatted tables and macro objects from one website to another using variables

I try to copy a formatted table and some macro objects from a website using ‘Get From Clipboard’ and set each clipboard to a variable.
This I need to paste those objects to different other websites in order to avoid copying those elements from the original website and using ‘Keyboard Shortcuts - Ctrl+V’ each time.
What kind of variable do I need for those elements for output result withing ‘Get From Clipboard’?
I don’t want to copy a simple string.
Which activity is best to use for pasting those variables?

Hello @Alex1974 ,

You need not to use any variable to paste the vale from clipboard, if you already having the value in your clipboard you can use the Sent Hotkey activity and capture the selector for that and apply your hotkey as Ctrl+V in that activity and that way you values would get pasted over there.


Hello @Sanjit_Pal,

thank you.
I know.
But with that strategy I always have to return to the origin page and copy each object over and over again for the destinated webpage.
With only one element to copy it would work fine with using hotkey Ctrl + V.