Copy file from desktop to sharepoint


I am trying to copy a file from my desktop to a sharepoint.
Appearently it is not working with the “copy file” activity.
from path: path on my dekstop
to destination: sharepoint URL Link

Should I do this in another way?

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Copy file will not work to paste in web url

you need to add sequence with necessary steps to upload the file.

Ok thanks for the quick reply @bala_subramanyam.
I was also trying with a sequence as alternative, but I’m a bit stuck with creating the sequence.
Maybe you have an idea:

I stored a variable and I need to open a folder on sharepoint that starts with the content of the variable.
for example: var = 240
then I need to open the folder that starts with 240 (the folder looks like this: “240_Title”)

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in this way you can use explorer path of the sharepoint portal instead of the sharepoint link. To get that open the sharepoint in fileexplorer.

For the second approach, you need to find the element, if it exists then you should have a click activity to open it, then open another folder as well in the same way, then use sharepoint upload option to copy/upload the file into sharepoint.

Hi @sarathi125,

Thanks for your reply. Can you please elaborate a bit further what you mean with the first alinea?
What exactly do you mean with “open the sharepoint in fileexplorer”?