Copy File and rename it

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Stuck at a place on my going work need some help, any leads would be appreciated.
the problem statement is :-
I want to copy a file from folder and place it in another folder and rename it .
For example :-
if say i have file copy_file_Q1_19 , i need to copy this file to a new folder and it should be renamed like :- copy_file_Q2_20_1

please help!!
thanks !!

@Shikhar_Tandon You can do the same with Copy File Activity, Where From Specifies the File you want to Copy, and Destination Specifies the Location where you want to copy it with the new File name with the same extension as that of the Source File.


Hi… @Shikhar_Tandon

This will help you…

  1. Read the filename
  2. Split with extension
  3. Take Assign activity to assign new file name
  4. After copy file with new name.


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Thankyou both of you for your valuable time and solutions !!

@vamsiyeluri May i have the full detail of the value argument for splitextension?