Copy each row to new excel sheet

hiii guys,i have a excel sheet and in that i have 10 rows with 5 columns now i want to write each row to new excel sheet with new name to each excel sheet,how can i get that plz suggest me.if any one sample xaml plz share it.

Here you go buddy @venkatmalla6
its resolved (14.2 KB)

Cheerrs @venkatmalla6

challenge.xlsx (33.3 KB)
as you can see this is my excel file,have 10 rows and 7 columns i want each row to new excel sheet with the 7 columns.but as you said in above procedure i don’t think it is possible.plz if possible share some sample xaml file that would be a great to me.Thanks in advance

here it is buddy @venkatmalla6
with your excel file (37.9 KB)

Buddy you were updating the question after a while, so thats why buddy and i changed the comment above just now…no worries buddy this worked

Cheers @venkatmalla6

did that work buddy @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan thanks buddy its worked.

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Cheers buddy keep going @venkatmalla6
Make a solution buddy that could help others as well …

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