Copy paste rows to different sheets in same excel

Hi Everyone

I have 4 sheets

  1. 2021 - SSC
    2.SSC - 2020 and earlier
    3.2021 - SMC
    4.SMC - 2020 and earlier

This flow is scheduled once in an year
My need is :
1.based on some conditions copy rows from one sheet to another

Im using an excel scope , iterating through each sheet and stores rows in different datatables

and using write range writing it into different sheets
eg: SMC - ( and earlier so it is renamed but the problem i need to maintain the format of the excel which get disturbed while using write range

Thank you in advance

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Hey @kavya.s16

You mean to say, copy pase logic between sheets is working fine?

But the format of the sheet is not getting as expected.


Hey @kavya.s16 !! Can you share a sample Excel file with dummy data?

Thank you!


Ok @kavya.s16! First copy your previous sheet that contains the formatting you already want.

Then clear all data from your new copied sheet, so it will be empty and with the same formatting as the original.

Finally, write your data on this sheet.

Hope it helps!!