Copy data from word format in the body of SMTP by keeping the format as it is

I have a Word document which may consist of multiple paragraphs and tables as well. I want to copy all the data from the Word file and paste it into the body of the email by keeping the format from the Word file as it is.
The problem I am facing is that the space and alignment between the paragraphs are getting removed and all the text comes in continuation.

Hi @anirudha_kale ,

You can use Create HTML content activity to format the test as you required.
Because Read Text activity doesn’t have preserve format property.
Like this video
hope it help,

Hello @anirudha_kale ,
If possible, store the data in Word as in HTML format. Then read the file and use it in an SMTP with the enable of IsBodyHTML option. It may help you to send mail in the desired structure.

Thanks for the reply.
In my case, the user is going to provide a Word document. My task is to read that Word file and paste data from that Word file into the mail body.
Hence we can’t keep data from Word in the HTML format


Currently this functionality is available in send email only where you can use work socument and not smtp email activity

Try to switch if possible…if you need