Copy Data from One table to Another - Add Data Row

Have been watching a couple of Videos and haven’t understood how to copy an entire row from Table 1 to Table 2.

Example : Table 1 Consists of 3 columns “A”,“B”,“C”

I Create another table using the Build Table which is named as Table2 with the same set of columns.

I now want to add data from Table1 to Table2.

What is observed is that there are 2 options called the ArrayRow and DataRow. From a context I was able to understand the ArrayRow, what and how DataRow is used? and where can I find a proper resource on this?

Can someone help on this usecase and how it can be used in the iteration of the data in the datatable using ForEach Row?

Hi @Author_Community

Do you want to copy specific rows based on certain conditions? then you use for each row activity to loop through each row and inside if condition provide add data row activity and specify the datatable name (the table you have created using Build data table activity) and specify the row to be added

I just to copy from One table to Another.

But, as condition has come up, would be great on how would we go about it?

The concern here is to understand the DataRow Input in the Add Data row.

Can that be explaiend?

@Author_Community It would help you

This has been watched, but it refers to the Row and its creation and then adding it.

The understanding is to be done for the For Each Loop and adding a data row using the DataRow input method.

Hope you undestood now…we are looping through each row in a datatable and passing that row to Add datarow

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