Copy and paste excell text automatically

I use the “Get Text” function to get a text and save this in Cell A1 in Excel.

It looks like a variation of this:

Name Buy-In Plrs Prize Pool Status
Daily Legends{#P}Centurion:{#M}$10K Gtd{#S}$10949|$10,000Late Reg ends: 55 mins
Daily Legends{#P}8-Max:{#M}$2K Gtd{#S}|$5.50100$2,000late Reg ends: 59 mins
Daily Legends{#P}Clásico:{#M}$5K Gtd{#S}$2243$5,000Late Reg ends: 59 mins

After this I have to (At least I found this to be the only way) let UiPath do the following to get the perfect format:

Click A1
Click the text bar of A1
Keystroke “CTRL+A” to select all text
Keystroke “CTRL+C” to copy text
Click A2
Keystroke “CTRL+V” to paste text

In this way it places everything perfectly in cells individually just like it want.

But letting UiPath do keystrokes takes the most time of my whole process it seems.

Is there a way that if that whole text is pasted in A1, it will automatically fill in the same way as it would with the process above in cells A2 onward?

For example normal rightclick copying and pasting doesnt give the same results.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Igor2

Instead of using ctrl+c and ctrl+v to paste data, i would recommend to use excel or workbook activities in UiPath. In your case, you can use write cell activity to write that data in A1, A2 cells (you have to use 2 write cell activity). Then use autofill range to autofill the cell values from A1:A2 to required range :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Thanks & Regards,
Nived N


You can try using generate datatable from text activity to convert the text you have to datatable format and then use write range activity to write the data and then each would come in one cell

In generate datatable you can try using different combinationa of column and row separators depending on the input data and try using it


FIXED: I think the options in “Generate Data Table From Text” dont show the correct values sometimes, played around a bit with it and worked.

Thank you, it seems that this is for sure the right way to do it.

I tried opening a new project, where I only programmed the “Get text” from application, put it in A1, then “Generate Data Table From Text” from A1 and put it in other cells and it works. Seems like the original text is “Tab” separated. Even though in the preview window in the Generate Data Table From Text, it does not seem to work. The end result in Excel is correct.

But when I try to implement the same sequence in my already existing code, it does not work. It simply does not separate into different columns, just makes new lines, but doesnt separate by “Tab”.

Tried using a new Excel workbook as I thought maybe some excel settings where wrong, because it worked with the fresh workbook, but that did not solve the problem.

Thank you!

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Try to use step into button in debug mode and check how the data is coming and how generate datatable is working when in the main process…Ideally it should work unless the delimiter is wrong…and it might be because of excel…so try to play on generate datatable only…

Better you can try to weite the data to text file before genrate datatable and then check what is the delimiter and of there are any changes needed

Sometimes few texts have different delimiters also when getting data from slightly different areas


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