Converting valuta? (e.g. from euro to dollar)

I’m scratching some data from both and I got a column name Name (name of the item: iphone x) and Price (the price of the iphone).

The valuta from amazon is in english punds(£) and the valuta from ebay is danish crones (DKK).

I’m printing out the data to an excel file, sorting the column ‘price’ and printing out the lowest prices of both sites.

But the only problem is the valuta for me… Is there a way to convert a valuta to another valuta?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think there would be an activity for this. You can create a workflow which can bring the converted value from Google or you can create a custom activity for the same.

Hmm ok too bad :frowning:

Hi @Ibra,

You can get the exchange rate in the below activity.


Thanks alot!