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Hello, If i have built a robot in studio, Am I able to convert this into studio X or does the robot need to be rebuilt?

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If you have built a robot in UiPath Studio, it cannot be directly converted into a StudioX project. UiPath Studio and StudioX are different editions of UiPath with different focuses and target users.

To transition your existing robot from Studio to StudioX, you would typically need to rebuild or refactor the automation project. StudioX has a different approach and set of activities compared to Studio, focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

You have to develop from scratch in Studio X.

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If you have already built a robot in UiPath Studio and now want to use UiPath StudioX, you do not need to build the robot again from scratch. While Studio and StudioX have different focuses and capabilities, you can still leverage your existing automation assets to some extent.

Hi @aquinn

You can’t able to open or convert the studio projects created in studioX and vice versa.
You need to build from scratch.


you cannot create StudioX projects from the Studio profile and vice-versa. Because the activities changes from Studio and StudioX.


Hi @aquinn
it cannot be directly converted into UiPath StudioX. The reason is that UiPath Studio and UiPath StudioX have different design focuses and target different users.

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If you created single xaml file in Studio and convert it to StudioX, the following step may help you.

  1. Open the xaml file using Studio then copy all the activities (workflow). (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C)
  2. Change profile to StudioX
  3. Create New Task
  4. Paste copied activities (workflow) into design panel.
  5. If there are some errors, fix them (for example, re-input expression etc)


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